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Integrity Sciences and the Academic Social Responsibility

ZoomConference by Michelle Bergadaà

November 19, at 17.00

CARFIA and the University of Bucharest invite you to participate in the Zoom Conference of Michelle Bergadaà, Professor Emeritus of the University of Geneva, President of IRAFPA (Research and Action Institute for Fraud and Academic Plagiarism – Geneva). 

Michelle Bergadaà is one of the few voices to significantly and effectively support and develop a culture of Integrity in the European academic environment. Her publications, but especially the creation of the Responsable platform in 2004 which later became IRAFPA, have consolidated an expertise, a methodology and case analysis or ways of mediating academic conflicts that are unique at the moment. In the digital age, plagiarism, fraud and misconduct have multiplied. However, for civil society and the scientific world to pursue a serene dialogue, all academic corruption must be eradicated, and the fundamental values of science and ethics must be respected. Based on her experience, since 2004, of her research and interventions, Michelle Bergadaà will present the roots of integrity sciences and the need for the adoption of an Academic Social Responsibility.
After a brief presentation of the methods developed over the last fifteen years at IRAFPA, four topics will be addressed. First, the distinction between morality, professional ethics (deontology), normative ethics and responsibility will be presented. Secondly, the deployment of an ethics of responsibility will be anchored on the evaluation of the 10 main consequences of plagiarism or fraud and the search for possible remedies for each ones. Thirdly, in order to move away from the binary logic of „good vs. bad” scientific, „guilty vs. victim”, four profiles of knowledge offenders will be detailed. In conclusion, the participants will be asked to determine for themselves what are their identity roots that will drive them to be involved in the development of Integrity Sciences. 

The Conference starts at 17.00 on November 19, lasts an hour and will be followed by a Q&A session of 45 minutes. It is supported through a CNFIS-FDI-2020-0516 grant coordinated by Vice-rector, professor Laura Comănescu and will be presented by the Director of CARFIA, professor Marian Popescu, a member of IRAFPA’s Bureau. 

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