IRAFPA: „Integritatea este trăită, împărtășită, spusă „

Redăm integral scrisoarea 82 din partea IRAFPA, semnată de președinta Institutului, prof. Michelle Bergadaà, care va susține, în 9 noiembrie, o conferință la Universitatea din București.

Institute for Research and Action on Fraud and Plagiarism in Academia

Academic Integrity / letter 82 – October 8, 2020

Dear colleagues, dear students, dear readers,

Academic integrity cannot be decreed. It is lived, shared and told.

Wherever formal guidelines for academic ethics and deontology flourish, failure is the order of the day. And when whistleblowers try to shake up the system, they learn the hard way that the system does not change under the pressure of individual initiatives.

Only democratic debate makes sense to deploy „Integrity Sciences” in our academic field; this is the path chosen by IRAFPA.

You can still – there are ten places left – come to our colloquium on October 30 and 31, 2020 in Coimbra. We have of course planned the videoconference: Here is the link to participate live in all the sessions online (20 EUR).

• The general program

• Details of the 7 thematic sessions, workshops and the Round Table

Upstream: please contribute, you or your PhD students, to our democratic debate by proposing questions or testimonials to the speakers using the links below. They will be debated collectively. 

• Session 1 : The respective powers of the legal and academic orders

• Contributing to the debate: How can the system evolve when there is so little consultation between the legal and academic systems ?

• Session 2 : Educating higher education students on integrity

• Contributing to the debate: Which integrity training programs to anticipate the arrival of the millennia in doctoral studies ?

• Session 3 : Experiences of victims: their expectations in terms of ethics

• Contribute to the debate: The disappointment of victims of academic misconduct: what ethics do they aspire to ?

• Session 4 : Safe online exams ?

• Contribute to the debate: What about security and fairness in assessing prior learning ?

• Session 5 : Technologies to the rescue of integrity

• Contributing to the debate: Technologies are evolving very fast Assessment and prospects ?

• Session 6 : Implementing Academic Social Responsibility in our institutions

• Contribute to the debate: Is there a „glass ceiling” for integrity as a core value of our institutions ?

• Session 7 : The Role of Publishing in the Integrity Urgency

• Contributing to the debate: What positioning of the players in the publishing industry confronted to today’s challenges ?

• Round Table: Strengths and weaknesses of networks to disseminate good academic practice

• Contribute to the debate: How do you think your international network reinforces integrity rules and/or ethical values ?

After this conference, you will find all the papers in this book:

The Urgency of Academic Integrity
M. Bergadaà and P. Peixoto (Dir.)
Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, 2021

Do not hesitate to disseminate this letter 82 in your networks. 

With my warmest regards.

Pr Michelle Bergadaà, MBA, Ph.D.
President of the International Institute of Research and Action on Fraud and Plagiarism in Academia
Emeritus professor at the University of Geneva

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